Madagascar HFO Power Plant


Aksa Energy has established a 58,35% subsidiary in the the Republic of Mauritius in the name of Aksaf Power Ltd with a local partner for the construction and operation of a 120 MW HFO power plant and the guaranteed sale of the energy generated in the plant for a duration of 20 years.

Madagascar HFO Power Plant, whose construction started in fourth quarter 2016, has been commissioned with a very low investment and in very short time, thanks to the use of equipment from the fuel-oil plants within the Company portfolio.

The power plant’s first engines, with an installed capacity of 25 MW, were commissioned on July 10, 2017 and were increased to 36 MW on July 27, 2017. Madagascar HFO Power Plant’s first phase, with a 66 MW installed capacity, was completed in September 2017. A 54 MW section will be completed and commissioned after the establishment of transmission lines in the region.

The power plant, which will produce energy as per the 20-year purchase guarantee agreement, sells electricity based on a US Dollar denominated tariff.

Madagascar HFO Power Plant, whose construction was completed in seven months, consists of a total of 11 Wärtsilä engines moved from Hakkari, Siirt Akköy and İdil 2 power plants.