Climate Change and Energy

Aksa Energy is well aware of its growing responsibility to develop efficient technologies and practices due to the high impact the energy industry has on global climate change.

Aksa Energy aims to improve its climate change and energy performance in accordance with its environmental sustainability approach. The Company carries out its energy management activities in compliance with its Energy Policy and ISO 50001, and continues to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and costs by investing in more efficient technologies and practices.

Following up its efforts related to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in line with its objectives, Aksa Energy plans to establish new objectives related to energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for its Africa investments. The Company shares its performance in terms of greenhouse gas emissions with stakeholders via sustainability reports and greenhouse gas emission reports validated by a verification body

To this end, Aksa Energy signed the Trillion Tonne Communiqué – a declaration to the world by companies demanding that measures be taken to combat climate change. The Company places great importance on the battle against climate change and is committed to becoming a more sustainable and responsible organization in this regard.

Efficiency boosting projects conducted in 2018 saved more than 1,500 MWh of power, conserved over 300,000 mof natural gas, and resulted in TL 600,000 in savings. The most important projects conducted in this area included: