Madagascar HFO Power Plant


Madagascar HFO Power Plant, whose construction started in the fourth quarter of 2016, was commissioned with a very low investment expenditure and in a very short time, due to the use of equipment from heavy fuel oil plants in the Company’s portfolio. The power plant became operational in 7 months.

Madagascar HFO Power Plant consists of a total of 11 Wärtsilä engines relocated from the Hakkari, Siirt Akköy and İdil-2 power plants, whose licenses had been canceled.

The power plant’s first engines, with an installed capacity of 25 MW, were commissioned on July 10, 2017. As a result, the installed capacity of the facility expanded to 36 MW on July 27, 2017. Madagascar HFO Power Plant’s first phase, with a 66 MW installed capacity, was completed in September 2017. The plant conducts electricity sales at a tariff determined in US dollars.