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The biggest energy investment of Uzbekistan has started its operations

The biggest energy investment of Uzbekistan has started its operations


Aksa Energy has started the commercial operations of its 740 MW Uzbekistan power plants after the Ministry Acceptance.


Istanbul – 05 May 2022  Aksa Energy, a global energy company with energy generation operations in 7 countries, started energy generation in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan and Bukhara power plants after the ministry acceptance.  Thus, Aksa Energy accomplished the biggest Turkish energy investment in Central Asia, successfully.


With its highly skilled technical teams, engineering skills, and deep know-how, Aksa Energy realizes fast and sustainable projects. With this skills the Company accomplished the construction of the three Uzbekistan power plants in only 12 months, and then commisioned in 18 months. As of today, Aksa Energy has started to strengthen the energy of Uzbekistan in Tashkent and Bukhara.


Half of its installed capacity is coming from the overseas power plants


Mr Cemil Kazancı, Chairman and the CEO of Aksa Energy, mentioned that they are really proud to have completed such a big project in very short time and increased the energy of Uzbekistan. Kazancı said “We have commissioned our three different power plants in two different cities of Uzbekistan successfully. With this investment, an important milestone for us, within the scope of our globalization strategy, we are carrying our power from Turkey to all over the World. With commissioning all three power plants, which is a 25-years agreement, we started to operate approximately half of our installed power in Turkey and the other half abroad”.


Aksa Energy will also increase the efficiency of the country's current natural gas and energy production with its power plants and will create direct added value to the country's economy with the natural gas savings.